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I am a BACP registered psychotherapist, experienced working with individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and life experiences. My special interests include trauma, attachment, abuse, bereavement, anxiety and depression.

As an integrative Psychotherapist, my practice is grounded in Psychodynamic thinking and draws on Humanistic and Gestalt theories as well as evidence based approaches such as CBT.

I work in the private and voluntary sector, offer short and long term therapy, and work both face-to-face and online. 


I work with Clients who are seeking awareness of how they may be limiting themselves, and who are motivated to use this knowledge to overcome their challenges and reach their potential. I offer an attuned ear and an empathetic space, and all work is underpinned by analysis of how each individual relates. I'm especially passionate about advocating for female leaders and work with a number of Clients pre and post maternity.

I have over thirteen years experience in the advertising and communications industry, ranging from large international networks to start-ups and scale-ups. I have worked with corporate Clients from all sectors based in the UK, US and Europe; built and managed internal teams; and introduced structures and practices designed to boost productivity and increase wellbeing.

This combination of a business background, and the experience of working with individuals through a psychological lens, means I am well suited to help Clients with their individual, team and business challenges.


I hold an MA with distinction in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Regents University, as well as a BSc in Business Management from Royal Holloway. 

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